Dear visitors,

Welcome to our new site!  With this initiative we’d like to encourage Belgrade to smoke less and help other non-smokers to find places to hang out without smelling like cigarettes after an hour or two.

We have already seen many countries move from having a high smoking rate to exactly the opposite.  Tobacco companies and the hospitality industry usually fight any initiatives started, the latter claiming that significant business will be lost as smokers move elsewhere.  it seems to me though that restaurants, cafes and bars are also heavily frequented in other countries even without the ability to smoke – more people actually choose not to smoke via a combination of higher tobacco prices, less advertising and less acceptance of the behaviour… and those who do smoke step outside for five minutes.

We appreciate all the input you can give us, whether it be restaurant recommendations, interesting links or alternative ideas on how to help Belgrade become a city where the nightlife can be enjoyed by all.  Use our “contact us” form to share your ideas with us and we will do all we can to keep this website up to date.  If you like what we’re doing, please share!